Refund and Deposit Policies

Deposits and Refunds for Services

It is time to talk money. At Quirky Letters Writing and Editing we understand that both your time and your money matters, and we respect that.

Here at QLWES we do have a deposit and refund policy.

In order to begin work we require a deposit, and while it is not fun, it makes sure that all of us have an interest in the outcome of your project. For QLWES the mandatory deposit to begin work is $50. The exception to that rule is for services less than $50.

Sadly, the deposit is Non-Refundable.

HOWEVER, if you have partially or fully, paid for services you may still be eligible to receive a refund.

Please read our policy below, and thank you for using Quirky Letters Writing and Editing for your writing assistance needs.

Refunds and Deposits